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67 Creative Writing Freelance Jobs to Make Money With Your Hobby

All my life Ive enjoyed writing. In high school, I would write poems in my spare time. You know teen angst and all. In University, I took creative writing classes and loved it all. It wasnt until I had my twins that I realized there was a way to get paid for your writing. Its with freelance jobs! But, specifically writing jobs. I started my path as a freelancer when my twins were little and I was a stay-at-home mom. These freelance jobs changed my life for the better. I can write for clients, and clients come to me seeking my services. Its the best of both worlds. If youre reading this and love to write and want to know if your passions can be monetized, I have something for you. I get emails from wonderful people who want to freelance who ask me if their hobbies are profitable. I hesitate in responding because if you dont know, my journey as a freelance writer lead me to business writing. I write for online businesses. Most of my projects are blogging jobs. I write lead generation content for small businesses. And I absolutely love it! But, did you know that you can also make money with creative writing jobs? These are hobbies like gardening or gaming. Imagine writing about the things you love to do those hobbies, crafts, or music lessons you spend time on can make you money? Although my focus is on small businesses, not publications or magazines, I truly want to help anyone interested in freelancing that there are ways to side hustle some income. So, lets get to it. The first part shares with you creative writing jobs and the second part shares with you twenty-one freelance jobs websites you can use to find some work. 46 Creative Writing Jobs 1. Art Did you take art in high school? I did! How about art history in college? The arts is a popular hobby for many of us. Whether its the act of painting, drawing, or teaching about art history, many of us can relate to art. And you know what? There are creative writing jobs in the arts! Many magazines in the arts hire freelance writers. Here are ten of them. 1. Visual Arts News This magazine is Canada-based and focuses on the the Atlantic Canadian art and their artists. Not only do they have a magazine, but also a podcast with great interviews of up and coming new Canadian artists. They post popular stories in their magazine are: Features Exhibition reviews Artists profiles This magazine provides a pitch template and offers suggestions on what they want. If your submission is accepted, payment is between $100-$150. 2. Polymer Arts This publication focusses on polymer clay artwork, and their audience is artists, collectors, and galleries. They stress that Polymer Arts wants to show the people that this form of art isnt kids art; its a skilled and high caliber piece of work. Freelance jobs for this magazine want new writers focus to pitch these topics: Features Materials and tools Testing and reviewing new products and tools Featuring one artist Gallery reviews Business/marketing that appeals to the working artist Personal experience Essay style Broad issues in the polymer community If your submission is approved, you will be compensated. Its unspecified, but other creative writers have mentioned up to $.10/word. 3. Canadian Art This is a contemporary publication that is seeking exciting, visual and a critical perspective from Canadians. This is not an academic publication; they want the untold stories here. There are two types of freelance jobs digital articles and print writing. Digital articles pay $.50/word and print pays $.75/word. Read through their editorial guidelines to ensure your pitch gets approved. 4. Cabinet Cabinet prides themselves in being an art and culture magazine. They enjoy any subject matter as long as it demonstrates how our everyday life is strange, unique or artificial. Cabinetappreciates the unorthodoxdaring theses, unfashionable stances, minute observations, forgotten cultural practices, and found documents. This magazine focuses on contemporary art ideas and does not accept articles that focus on one artist or their work, or review articles or news articles about art exhibitions. If your story is accepted, you will be compensated. Payment for this creative writing job online is unspecified. 5. Art21 Art21 doesnt have a submissions section for their website. But, they do have freelance jobs as Ive read other writers being hired by them. This magazine publishes quarterly and has a big digital section. If you want this freelance writing job, then you have to pitch the editor your story idea. This means doing a bit of digging on their website and social media. Find the right contact person to pitch your story. There is compensation one freelancer quoted $.13/word. 6. ArtNews ArtNews is the most popular and most widely read magazine in the world. If you love art, then you know about this magazine! And according to writers, freelance jobs for ArtNews pays up to $.80/word and pays within a month. To help ensure your pitch to the editor gets read and approved, make sure to check out this article on Contently from the ArtNews editor. She provides actionable advice to help you pitch your story in the best way. Simply submit your idea to the editor and wait! 7. Artsy Artsy supports artists from all over the world. They are the premier platform for collecting art and discovering beautiful art. They have a database of over 1 million galleries, works of art, art fairs and over 100,000 artists. There is no submission page on this site, which means its a good idea to network with the editor and develop an ongoing relationship. Other writers who landed this freelance job have been paid between $.30-.40/word. To pitch your idea, find the right contact person here. 8. ArtForum Artforum is an international monthly publication that focusses on articles and reviews of contemporary art. Again this magazine does not specify a submission page. So, to get paid for this job, you will probably have to contact the current editor David Velasco. As for compensation, many writers have been paid and happy with the process. The average payment is $.32/word. 9. Communication Arts Communication Arts is the leader in the creative industry. Their trade journal is the largest creative magazine around. Their publication caters to artists, graphic designers, photographers and anyone involved in the visual communication industry. Their submission page stipulates a variety of topics you can write about such as business, creativity, emerging design, and culture. What is great about freelance jobs with Communication Arts is they provide 1:1 help and support in the editing process. They provide extensive feedback to help make your piece the best it can be. Writing is compensated with a highly competitive rate, but its unspecified. 10. Kcet Artbound The Kcet network is primarily a television network in Southern California, but they do have a website with a blog for writing jobs in the Artbound section. The Artbound section of Kcet strives to reveal the analysis of how art today is affecting our society and culture. Kcet Artbound has won many Emmys and awards for its innovative content. As one freelancer put it: [Kcet Artbound is a] delightful publication for freelancers! The type of freelance job you might get hired for is like an 800-1000 word criticism piece or review in the arts entertainment coverage. Since there is no submission page for writers, you have to do some investigations to find out the editor and network with them to pitch your ideas to. Gardening Ahh! Gardening and horticulture/farming is a huge hobby for many people. As well, its a great business too. From hydroponics to vegetable gardening or natural pesticides for organic farming there is no shortage of article ideas. Most of these freelance creative writing jobs are magazine based that are high paying and can help build your portfolio as a new freelance writer. Here are seven gardening freelance jobs. 11. Horticulture Magazine Horticulture magazine is one of the best gardening magazines for beginner gardeners and for very serious gardeners. This publication covers spotlights of gardens and nurseries around, gardening designs, and informative pieces on products and accessories for gardeners. There is no formal submissions page, so make sure to visit their contact page to email the editor your pitch idea. Writers who have written for Horticulture were paid up to $500 for their piece. 12. Fine Gardening Fine Gardening covers mostly landscape designs, various plants and harvest information for fruits and vegetables. They are recognized for their extensive library of plants, and their plant information is highly detailed that would delight any botanist. They have an award-winning blog with great advice and information for gardeners. To pitch your idea, contact the Fine Gardening editorial department on this contact page. If your submission is accepted, they generally pay $.44/word for an 1800-word feature. 13. American Horticultural Society If gardening is your passion you will love writing for the American Horticultural Society as your first freelance job. They cover everything from innovative garden designs, plant conservation, heirloom gardening and more. This publication also likes articles on how to construct a simple garden or how to demonstrate using certain gardening tools and products. Please only submit your idea and not the entire article. If accepted, pay is between $300-$600 for 1,500-2,000-word features. 14. Green Prints Green Prints is a wonderful mom-and-pop owned magazine. They share a wonderful story on their About Us page so make sure to read it! This publication shares real stories from real gardeners. They have dubbed themselves as the The Weeders Digest. They love submissions that cover the stories behind gardening and sharing that with their audience. If your submission is approved, top payment for online creative writing jobs in this magizine is $150. Poems are published 4x a year and pay $20. 15. Modern Farmer Modern Farmer is a cutting-edge publication that explores the foods we eat and cook. The articles covered cater to chefs, farmers, cooks, and families. They want submissions that are global and political in nature. While compensation isnt mentioned or specified, writers have been paid for submissions. Its varied, but the top pay is $1.33/word for a 750-word piece. 16. Successful Farming Successful Farming covers a lot of content mediums radio, talk, magazine, and TV which reaches a broad and large audience. If you landed this freelance job, you could be sure that your content can reach more than one type of audience. This publication covers a wide array of topics: Machinery News Markets Weather Family Livestock Farm management Crops Technology With the most up-to-date information for farmers and the farm industry, this is one of the best publications out there. While there is no submission page, this would be a cold pitching opportunity where you will have to connect with the editor. You can try using social media or toot around their website to find the contact information. They do pay for content, and once your piece is approved, the pay is around $.64/word. They do pay for unique images (up to $50). Your piece will go through a round of editing, but the process is more helpful than critical. 17. Cappers Farmer This magazine is distributed quarterly and values what grandmothers taught their families. Articles cover the tried-and-true methods your grandparents taught you. From cooking to crafting to gardening and more, Cappers Farmer shares the homesteading way of living. Their submissions page stresses that they prefer submissions based on rural living such as on farms or ranches. They do pay for your article, but the pay is unspecified. Cars/Automotive Industry Many people are car enthusiasts. They visit car shows or like to tinker around on their classic car or are mechanics. Whatever it may be, if you have an affinity for riding motorcycles or just love cars, you can find a freelance job in your hobby. Lets look at 9 writing freelance jobs so you can start making money. 18. Popular Mechanics Popular Mechanics istheautomotive magazine there is. This publication has been in circulation for over 100 years and covers the most innovative inventions in the automotive industry. Their message is clear they want to provide automotive information in an easy-to-read format. While they dont have a formal submission page, they do hire freelance writers. One writer was paid $.25/word for 1300 word feature article. Other writers state that Popular Mechanics pays between $50-$150 for online content and upwards to $1,000 for print in their magazine. 19. Autoblog Autoblog is an automotive news publication that covers new and used cars as well as industry news, tools, and car reviews. While they do have a submissions page, the pay on this page is low based on pageviews and capped at $50. To find the profitable freelance job for this publication, you need a referral someone that writes for this blog or knows the editors for this site. One writer used this method and was paid $.37/word for a 1750-word criticism review piece. 20. Autonotebook Autonotebook covers a variety of automotive content. The main categories are: Best of Exotic Purchasing Safety One thing I noticed when looking at this freelance job is that the blog hasnt been updated for a couple of years. I would ensure first that they still want content. This can be a good pitch too i.e. how new content can help them reach a bigger audience and grow their SEO and traffic. Their submission page is sparse, but does say they pay using PayPal. So this is a worthwhile gig to have. 21. Motocycle Mojo Motorcycle Mojo is a Canadian publication that publishes 10 times a year. They enjoy and cover real-life experiences and pride themselves in the personal and storytelling angle their magazine has. Their magazine covers all types of motorcycles, history, touring and travel/destination content. They also cover book and product reviews and some vintage pieces. Their write for us page stressed that they prefer submissions over queries. They also want the freelancer to provide previous samples and samples of their photo taking ability. They have to mediums print and digital and requires the freelancer to approve their piece being published to both mediums. They accept 600-800 word for small stories and upwards of 2,000 words for travel features. This gig does pay, but payment amount is unspecified. 22. Road Travel Road Travel is an online magazine aimed at upscale women. This is not a motorsports magazine; rather, it covers travel, safety and personal topics for women drivers. Content is gender neutral, however. Road Travel aim to educate consumers on purchasing, renting or leasing cars or RVs, care maintenance, green vehicles and more. They accept blog articles of up to 300 words and feature articles of up to 1200 words. Payment is based on the editor and freelancer. 23. AAA Midwest Traveler AAA Midwest Traveler is a bimonthly publication for residents of Missouri, Illinois, southern Indiana, and eastern Kansas. This publication is meant to provide their AAA members information on travel, auto safety and features and tips about their AAA membership. To submit your story, send a query to the editor between January-April. They work 6-months in advance, and a copy of the magazine you wrote for is mailed to you. A 1200 word feature goes for $400, and if your story is picked up by their sister publication, thats another $150. 24. Wheels Wheels was my first legit freelance job. I was ecstatic and over the moon that I no longer had to look on content mills to find a project. Wheels is a division of the Toronto Star newspaper and they provide up-to-date and useful information on the automotive industry as well as the entertainment aspect of owning a vehicle. I wrote articles from the perspective of a mom/woman. There is no formal submission page. This freelance job was posted on a job board, but networking and warm pitching can help you land this gig. Find the editor for online content and connect with them! I wrote 800-word pieces for $100. Article ideas were pitched to me, but I did most of the blog topic pitching. 25. Elephant Insurance If you have a love of the car, did you know you can pick up a freelance job in the automotive insurance industry? Search for automotive insurance companies online and check to see if they have a blog or email list. If they do, theres a good chance they hire freelancers for content writing. Elephant Insurance has a blog with different writers. This is another clue that they probably have freelance jobs. 26. Gasudeansas Gasudeansas covers a wide range of car topics but mostly enjoys car protection content. Their submission page mentions they are open to any topic related to cars and that they will respond to your pitch in a timely manner. They do pay for articles, but its unspecified how much. Cultural Topics From women equality to politics and more, cultural topics relates to the ideas and customs of society. If you took a class in high school or university that opened the doors to cultural studies, did you know you can get paid to write in this niche topic? Lets look at 9 creative writer jobs in cultural topics. 27. Roads Kingdoms Roads Kingdoms set to inform and inspire travelers. They mostly cover food, travel, and politics. They enjoy articles that explore deep storytelling, are original and inspire their readers to take action. If you are interested in writing for them, Roads Kingdoms has provided a post on how to pitch to them. They seek ideas that stand out from the crowd. Reporting is also part of some of their content such as a long-form feature for their Dispatched by Bourdain series. A long-form feature up to 5,000 words goes for $1000 and a piece of web content runs $250. 28. Briarpatch Magazine Briarpatch Magazine covers politics and culture from an original and insightful grassroots perspective. Critical commentary is their bread and butter, and they fiercely reject corporate media and strive for independence and equality. They are a bimonthly publication and offer submissions for journalists and freelancers. If you are interested in this freelance job, they do want a story idea to be pitched. They accept: current events electoral politics grassroots activism economic justice gender equality political importance and more Make sure to check out their guide on how to pitch to Briarpatch before you submit your piece. They do pay for submissions. Anywhere from $100 for short reviews or blog posts to $300 for research-based articles of 2500 words. 29. High Times High Times covers cannabis cultivation and legalization. The alternative health market is a high-paying freelance writing niche. More outlets are needing writers who are well-versed in the cannabis market to talk because the industry is a huge money maker. Cannabis was projected to make $10B this year, which will increase to $22B by 2022. As well, I have had several prospects email me for my writing services to help them market their Cannabis products: High Times strives to uncover the truth and provide the most up-to-date information about the cannabis market. Their submission page mentions they enjoy pitches and story ideas of around 1200 words but does not specify a rate. Freelancers though have worked with High Times and are generally paid $.40/word for an opinion editorial project. 30. Paste Paste covers all types of pop culture topics like politics, comics, books, music, and TV. With a large and of over 400,000 devoted readers, Paste is the go-to place for what is happening in our world right now. They are looking for highly original and unique story ideas that the editors of Paste have never even though of or heard of. Their writers guidelines require a proposed subject, length and some samples of your writing ability. They do pay for submissions, but its unspecified. However, other writers have quoted up to $.10/word. 31. Moment Founded by the acclaimed Elie Wiesel known for his memoir Night, and editor Leonard Fein, Moment is grounded in Jewish living in the States. Each of their topics covers the perspective of Jewish history and information. From Arts Culture to Politics to Jewish World and Israel, Moments rich content is celebrated all around. Moment publishes 6 times a year and if you wish to write for Moment, make sure to submit time-sensitive stories at least 6 months in advance. Their submission guidelines advise you email your query to the editor. Your pitch idea needs to be fleshed out with an outline too. While you can submit the completed story, they prefer the query. The do pay freelancers, but its unspecified on their submission page. However, writers who had their pieces published on Moment were paid $.20/word for a 1,500-word review or criticism piece. 32. Readers Digest Asia Readers Digest is a general-interest family style magazine. The Readers Digest Asia covers culture and arts as well as a variety of lifestyle topics like home garden, health, travel, jokes, and true stories. The Readers Digest Asia website gets over 100,000 pageviews a month, meaning that many potential clients can see your article. Their submission page shows the type of article they seek and the payment they offer: My Story 800-1000 words of an interesting true story. $250 USD Kindness of Strangers 100-150 words of unexpected kindness, generosity or an account of something that changed your life. Up to $150 USD Anecdotes and Jokes Submit your original jokes, comics, cartoons or anecdotes. Pay is $50-$100 USD. Your Deepest Wish Share your deepest desires and compelling wishes. Dont hold anything back. Pay is $200 USD. Smart Animals 300 words of a tale about unique pets. Pay is up to $100 USD. 33. Salvo Salvo calls themselves, a magazine of society, sex society. In essence, Salvo aims to debunk cultural myths with a Christian worldview. This is a magazine of the Fellowship of St. James who want to uphold Christian views. Their submission page details what they want and dont want. They dont want overtly religious pieces of content or have scripture. Your article should focus on the secular young adult audience. They enjoy informative articles with a cheeky attitude. Articles of 600-2500 words are paid at a rate of $.20/word. 34. Bitch Media Bitch Media is a publication that aims to encourage a feminist response to mainstream culture. Bitch Media is an online and print magazine that also has a podcast. Their content is filled with a strong voice in feminism that doesnt shy away from confronting contradictory information in life. Bitch Media explores a variety of feminist topics which include: Activism Questioning gender roles Sexuality Politics Art and Culture Their submission page stresses they seek discussion-provoking critical essays. If you pitch to the magazine component, you will be compensated if they approve your pitch. Payment: $700-$1000 for features, $350 for dispatches, and between $150-$700 for culture stories. 35. ADDitude ADDitude is a magazine for parents, health care professionals, teachers and anyone that supports a child with ADD (attention deficit disorder). Professionals write most of their content, but they do welcome parents, teachers, and others with first-person accounts with children with ADD. There are two types of freelance jobs you can look into the print magazine or blog. The print magazine is paid and it seems like the blog content is not paid. You can send a query or your entire article via email. For print magazine submissions, payment is based on the length of your article, the expertise level and quality of your writing. In general, they pay $.20/word for article submissions. Christianity/Religion The Christianity niche is a big niche online. From mom bloggers writing about faith to services, magazines, and publications that share faith-based content, if you want to write in this vein, you can. Lets look at 4 religious publications with some awesome creative writing jobs. 36. Christianity Today Christianity Today spreads the love of the gospel as a way to help transform lives and bring hope to everyone. Their publication receives over 5 million Christian readers a month. They cover modern Christianity topics and are interested in interviews, reviews, opinion pieces, and unique Christian living. They are not affiliated with any denomination as their audience is primarily made up of evangelical Christians. Their submission page is highly detailed on how to pitch to them, what they want for content and how to submit your pitch. They also say not every accepted pitch is bought (or paid for). They can reject your accepted pitch at any time. While they dons specify payment, when they pay for creative writer gigs, they pay up to $.16/word. 37. Religion News Service Religion News Service is considered one of the largest source of spirituality and religious news. They hope to inform and inspire their audience to make informed decisions based on their beliefs and convictions. They mostly cover current events in religious news and also has press releases and a podcast. They dont formally have requirements for submissions but do have a form to fill out if you want to submit a story. They dont disclose if they pay for articles, but writers have been paid up to $.29/word for a news story. 38. Religion Politics Religion Politics is a publication of the John C. Danforth Center on Religion Politics at Washington University in St. Lois. This is an online news magazine focussed on the two topics that hushed in culture religion and politics! They strive for better communication around religion and politics and how it shapes our culture. Differing political and religious views are encouraged and required when writing for them. Each piece is in-depth, taking into historical and contextual elements and analysis from the writer. Their submission page is sparse and only mentions to pitch a detailed description of what you want to write about and email it to their editor. There is no mention of pay, but they do pay for creative writing jobs up to $.26/word for a 1900 word feature piece. 39. The Christian Science Monitor The Christian Science Monitor is a news magazine that tries to shred the political spins down to the underlying truth. Their approach is to bless all men and what people have to say. This magazine is owned by the church and does adoptive the views of the First Church of Christ. Their submission page states they view new writers work on spec and want to see the quality of your writing first before they accept your pitch. While they dont pay for your first submission, if they like your work and if you write for them, they will commission you to write and will pay for that article whether they publish it or not. And while they dont tell you their rate, other writers have been paid up to $.27/word. Camping Some creative writing opportunities for you! Are you an outdoorsman or woman? No matter what time of year or what the weather is, if you have a weekend or a few days, you grab your camping supplies and you hit the road. And if you decide to become a freelance writer, those camping trips will be a regular thing for you and your family! So, lets look at camping gigs for some cool creative writing jobs. 40. Backpacker Backpacker is a print and digital publication that covers hiking, gear, skills and more. Their readers are experienced backpackers or hikers so any topics for this publication should be verified, informational and credible. To get a feel of what they want from freelancers, go ahead and read a few issues or their blog. Their submission page states that they are only accepting web articles and for new freelancers, they suggest you pitch your entire article to smaller jobs in their departments/categories: Done in a day Weekend Skills Gear They also state that they have themes and will give you the theme when they hire you. On their submission page, they state that they pay anywhere from $.40/word to $1.00 a word for articles. 41. Bay Nature Bay Nature isnt truly a camping topic, but it does explore nature, science, plants of Northern California. The San Francisco population is their audience and want to use their magazine to help them explore and learn about the natural world. A lot of their focus is conservationism, preserving biodiversity, and understanding climate change and how it affects Northern Californians. They do not have a submission page, but they do have a contact page with emails for general queries. I do know that they do pay for articles up to $.80/word for a 2500 feature. 42. Backcountry Digital Backcountry Digital is a camping marketing agency. They help camping businesses with online marketing by using SEO strategies, PPC strategies and content marketing strategies. This means that their clients might need writers for their content team. Using this method can help you can many freelance jobs on this website. I dont know their freelance job rates, but make sure to reach out to them. 43. Outdoor Canada Outdoor Canada is a magazine that seeks researched articles on living in the Canadian outdoors. They are big on fishing and hunting pieces of content on their website. They enjoy different types content like: How-to Entertaining features In-depth reporting On their contributor page they state that they pay between $100-$400 for articles. 44. Western Woods Waters Western Woods Waters is a hunting news magazine for Western Canada. They enjoy content about the Canadian outdoors and controversial subjects regarding anglers and hunters. They do accept product reviews along with their outdoor advice. They have different creative writing jobs 700-word columns on outdoor activities and feature articles + image pack. On their submission page, they state they pay writers $100 for column articles and $150 for feature + image pack articles. 45. Paddling Magazine Do you enjoy canoeing? If you know all about paddling and life on the rivers, then Paddling magazine might help with landing an awesome freelance job in your hobby. The type of articles they seek are: Profiles of influential people in the canoeing industry Travel stories about canoeing How-to articles Family camping Their submission page does not state pay, but I do know you can earn up to $.20/word for an article. Pets Around 85 million families own a pet! Its a booming industry for products, but also for creative writers! There are some jobs for creative writing in this niche! Lets see how. 46. Dogs Naturally Dogs Naturally covers a wide array of topics for dog owners and professionals in the pet industry. Most of the content covers holistic health, nutrition, vaccines and some controversies in pharmaceutical therapies. They do want writers that follow the same philosophy as them holistic and homeopathic care so they can authentically write about TCVM practitioners or natural pet health products. While their submission page doesnt state pay for their content, I do know you can earn anywhere from $50-$200 for an article. Websites for Freelance Jobs Here are 21 freelance job websites to find the perfect freelance job for you! Many of them have creative writing jobs, freelance jobs, remote jobs and more. SolidGigs Workroll Indeed ServiceScape Working Nomads Freemoter Jobspresso Publoft Mediabistro Journalism Jobs Skip the Drive Krop Online Writing Jobs Whisper Jobs Cision Jobs Workhoppers We Work Remotely Authentic Jobs Craigslist Problogger Contena More Freelance Jobs for Writers This list will continue to grow. I found that this will be a huge comprehensive list that takes weeks to research and write. So, I felt instead of not publishing it as half did and letting it sit on my computer for months until I continue to write about more freelance jobs, I thought Id publish as is and add when needed. In the future to add more creative freelance job niches. Over to you Are you excited about the potential of monetizing your hobbies?

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Free Essays on Socio-biographical Sketch Of A Fam Member

Socio-biographical sketch of Alice Culture changes across time and place, thus redefining its values, norms, laws, and dress, among other things, and giving new meaning to society. One’s life chances and choices, however, are shaped not just by the cultural practices of but by his/her position within the society in which he/she lives. For this paper, I analyzed the influence of my grandmother’s class, race, gender, and institutions made available to her in creating her location within society, and therefore her life decisions. The religious institution introduced to my grandmother, Alice, since her birth in 1927 had a tremendous influence on her. She attended a Baptist Church with her mother that had been started by missionaries from Sweden. It was attended mainly by immigrants and first generation Americans of Swedish descent, my grandmother being a first generation Swedish-American. This social fact of her life, as well as the others I will point, reflect C. Wright Mills’ perspective of the â€Å"sociological imagination†, which he defined as the ability to see the societal patterns that influence an individual as well as a group of individuals. To do so, he said, one must have knowledge of the social and historical context in which people lived (Andersen and Taylor, 5). Alice attended this church because her mother believed the teachings of it and wanted her child to be introduced to them as well. Her mother attended this particular church because she had immigrated to Sweden to the U.S. and wanted to worship amongst those who shared this with her. Thus, my grandmother’s ethnicity and religion were large influences on her moral values which she still carries with her. These values, Alice explained, were typical of the Swedish and also were expected of her church’s followers. As I have noticed in my Grandma, as well as her pointing this out in the interview, honesty to and respect for everyone were things that were and ... Free Essays on Socio-biographical Sketch Of A Fam Member Free Essays on Socio-biographical Sketch Of A Fam Member Socio-biographical sketch of Alice Culture changes across time and place, thus redefining its values, norms, laws, and dress, among other things, and giving new meaning to society. One’s life chances and choices, however, are shaped not just by the cultural practices of but by his/her position within the society in which he/she lives. For this paper, I analyzed the influence of my grandmother’s class, race, gender, and institutions made available to her in creating her location within society, and therefore her life decisions. The religious institution introduced to my grandmother, Alice, since her birth in 1927 had a tremendous influence on her. She attended a Baptist Church with her mother that had been started by missionaries from Sweden. It was attended mainly by immigrants and first generation Americans of Swedish descent, my grandmother being a first generation Swedish-American. This social fact of her life, as well as the others I will point, reflect C. Wright Mills’ perspective of the â€Å"sociological imagination†, which he defined as the ability to see the societal patterns that influence an individual as well as a group of individuals. To do so, he said, one must have knowledge of the social and historical context in which people lived (Andersen and Taylor, 5). Alice attended this church because her mother believed the teachings of it and wanted her child to be introduced to them as well. Her mother attended this particular church because she had immigrated to Sweden to the U.S. and wanted to worship amongst those who shared this with her. Thus, my grandmother’s ethnicity and religion were large influences on her moral values which she still carries with her. These values, Alice explained, were typical of the Swedish and also were expected of her church’s followers. As I have noticed in my Grandma, as well as her pointing this out in the interview, honesty to and respect for everyone were things that were and ...

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Mobile Business Technologies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Mobile Business Technologies - Essay Example According to the report findings  many new applications are getting invented like iOS, Android and Blackberry applications to name a few. iOS was the name given by Apple to the operating system that runs and supports all the touch screen mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and iPods.As the discussion stresses  in recent times there has been a dominating trend in all industries among their core products that has compelled the firm’s to move towards other services. Traditionally the manufacturers used to view their services as a mean to enhance value of the good that clearly differentiate between their products and the products offered by their competitors. But now companies have to think about something different. The concept of â€Å"bundles† and â€Å"extended product† emerged from customer’s need and new selling approaches. According to Vandermerwe and Rada, â€Å"Bundles† refer to the combination of products, service, support and knowledge. Ac cording to Jansson and Thoben, ‘extended product’ refers to the core product surrounded by set of intangible services and tangible products. Kotler has suggested five types of ‘service mix’ like tangible goods, intangible goods, hybrid good, major services accompanied by minor products and services and pure services with hybrid offering. The companies are now showing interest in offering hybrid products or services rather than just offering tangible goods and services (Brax, 2005). Nestle is the world’s leading brand in health and nutrition. â€Å"Good Food, Good Life† is the main mission of Nestle. In order to achieve this mission the company provides the consumers with wide ranges of food and beverages that caters to taste and nutrition and are meant for every occasion (Nestle, 2013). The business principle of Nestle has developed for over a period of 140 years and forms the basis of the company’s culture. Nestle was created with a vi sion of providing long term benefits to the shareholders by not only complying to the legal requirements of the company but also ensures that the activities are sustainable and creates value for the society (Nestle's Corporate Business Principles, 2013). Nestle in the year 2010 launched its new application named Corporate App for iPads and iPhones that was heavily backed by technology (Nestle, 2013). This new application was meant for investors and media to make them access latest press releases, reports, presentations and weekly updates on buy-back of shares whether online or offline. This application gained an overwhelming response from all over the world. Since its launch people

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Extreme Situation Recorded under Status Epilepticus Case Study - 4

Extreme Situation Recorded under Status Epilepticus - Case Study Example The patient named Master Bradley Jackson was a five-year-old boy admitted to the hospital for a detailed investigation for seizures. The child was diagnosed with several tonic-clonic types of seizures majorly on the left side of the body. The patient recorded failure of consciousness and occasional situations of incontinence in his medical history during the last four months owing to seizures. The recordings on the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) did not reveal any sign of recovery from his previous state. The patient was also recorded with a series of seizure episodes that lasted for 1.5 minutes each even after being treated with benzodiazepine midazolam. However, his situation got stable after the stabilizing procedure followed in the intensive care unit. After the patient got stabilized, he was shifted to the pediatric intensive care unit (ICU) and finally to the neurological department where he is being treated presently. In this regard, the case is selected for its criticality. Additionally, the case aids nurses in having a better understanding about critical assessments as well as diagnostics conducted in relation to epilepsy. Tonic-clonic is a type of seizure that covers up the entire brain and affects several operations performed by the brain. The CT scan of the patient had detected hardly any abnormalities. This can be possible as the recurrent occurrences of seizures can be indicative of the presence of certain ‘microscopic or macroscopic’ brain lesion. Conversely, this lesion cannot be identifiable by any pathological or biochemical abnormalities (Garcia & Strub, 2011). Thus, further tests should be performed in order to locate any minor injuries in the brain and also diagnose the microscopic presence of the injury in the nerve cells. The benzodiazepine midazolam is one of the best medications and most effective procedure for the treatment of seizures in children. The midazolam group of benzodiazepine is observed to be best suited for providing first aid to the child at the time of severe convulsion.

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Digital signature

Digital signature I. Introduction The main role of digital signature primitive is to preserve the data integrity of electronic document and to accomplish the requirement of authentication and verification. Only one signer using his/her private key generates an ordinary digital signature scheme. However, in some practical application, a document requires all group members to generate a signature together. These schemes are called digital multisignature schemes [2], in which all group members sign the same document by using their private keys. The multisignature scheme has three characteristics, refer to [2, 4]. For generating an efficient multisignature, the verification cost and the size of a multisignature might be almost as same as that of an ordinary signature. In the past decade, several multisignture schemes were proposed based on the factorization, discrete logarithm problems or a combination of both. Moreover, there are a few schemes proposed based on the identity-based cryptosystem. A normal multisignature scheme is called a multisignature with undistinguished signing authorities, as each group member has the same responsibility for signing the document. However, there are some situations when each member should have his/her own distinguished signing authority [4, 5, 7, and 15]. In this case, the multisignature scheme is called a multisignature scheme with distinguished signing authorities For constructing a multisignture scheme with distinguished signing authorities, Harn [4] proposed the first scheme come out with this characteristic. In this scheme, each member only has his/her distinguished signing responsible for his/her subdocument. The partial contents can be easily verified without revealing the whole message. However, Li et al. [9] claimed that Harns scheme is not secure against insider attack. Moreover, Hwang et al. [7] pointed out that, in the Harn scheme, no evidence could be used to distinguish the signing authorities; this is due to the fact that all individual signatures and multisignatures are produced on the same hash digest of all the partial subdocuments. In the same paper, Hwang et al. [7] proposed a scheme based on the Harn scheme. In the expose, they claimed that their scheme overcomes the weaknesses of the Harn scheme. However, this is increasing the cost of generating multisignature. Huang et al. [6] proposed two multisignatures with distinguish ed signing authorities for sequential and broadcasting architectures. One year later, Yoon et al. [15] showed that Huangs scheme is unsecure since an attacker can derive a users secret key and forge the multisignature of the scheme on arbitrary message. All of those schemes are based on the factorization or discrete logarithm problems or a combination of both. In 1998, Shamir [12] introduced the concept of an identity-based (ID-based) cryptosystem to simplify the key management problem. In general, the main idea of identity-based cryptosystem is that the public key of a user is inferred from his/her identity. Each user needs to register at a private key generator (PKG) by identifying his/herself before joining the network. Later, the PKG will generate a secret key for that signer which is related to his/her identity. The secret key is sent to the user via a secure channel. Shamir proposed an ID-based signature (IBS) scheme from RSA primitive [11]. The security of IBS was not proved or argued until Bellare et al. [1] proved that the IBS is secure against forgeability under chosen-message attack. In the literature, there is only one ID multisignature with distinguished signing authorities for sequential and broadcasting architectures based on the identity-based cryptosystem. Wu et al. [14] proposed two ID-based multisigntures with distinguished signing authorities, relying on the Wus [13] ID-based multisignature scheme, which however is shown to be unsecure [8]. Chien [3] showed that Wu et al. [14] two ID-based multisignatures have the security weakness by two attacks; insider attack and partial document substitution attack. More recently, Harn [5] proposed a new efficient ID-based RSA multisignature relying on IBS. Their scheme has constant signature length and verification time independent of the number of signers. They proved that their scheme is secure against multisignature collusion attack, adaptive chosen-ID attack and forgeability under chosen-message attack. In this paper, we propose an efficient ID-based multisignature with distinguished signing authorities based Harns multisignature [5]. We modify the Harns scheme to be suitable as a mutlisignature with distinguished signing authorities for broadcasting architecture. We use Wus mechanism of generating a multisignature with distinguished signing authorities only for broadcasting architecture. We suppose that the signing group U1, U2,†¦, Ul , to l the number of signers, want to generate the multisignature for the document D which can be divided to meaningful subdocuments d1, d2,†¦, dl . The member Uj is only responsible for signing partial subdocumentdj, forj=1,2,†¦,l. The rest of this paper organized as follows. In section 2, we review of Harns multisignature scheme. Section 3, we describe our proposed scheme. The security analysis of the proposed scheme is discussed in section 4. The paper is concluded in section 5. II. Review of Harns efficient identity-based RSA multisignature A. PKG keys The PKG picks two random large primes, p and q by run probabilistic polynomial algorithm Krsa, then calculates n=p.q, after that chooses a random public key e such that gcde,∅n=1 and computes the private key d=e-1 mod∅n. B. Multisignature generation 1) Signer secret key generation In this algorithm, the signer gets a copy of his secret key from the PKG through a two-step process: 1. A signer submits his identity to the PKG. 2. The PKG, with its private key d and the corresponding public key e, signs the message digest of the identity, denoted as ij, by generating a secret key gj, such that gj=ijdmod n. 2) Message signing To generate an identity-based multisignature, each signer carries out the followings steps: 1. Chooses a random integer rj and computes tj=rje mod n 2. Broadcasts tj to all the signers. 3. Upon receiving of tj, j=1,2,†¦,l, each signer computes t=j=1ltj mod n and sj=gj.rjh(t,D) mod n 4. Broadcasts sj to all the signers. 5. After receiving of sj, j=1,2,†¦,l the multisignature component s can be computed as s=j=1lsj mod n The multisignature for a document D is ÏÆ'=t,s. C. Multisignature verification To verify a multisignature ÏÆ'=t,s of a document D of signers whose identities are i1, i2, †¦, il one verifies the following: se=i1.i2†¦.il . th(t,D) mod n (1) If it holds, the identity-based multisignature is valid, otherwise it is invalid. III. Our proposed scheme Our proposed scheme as same is the same as Harns scheme in the model description which follows the model proposed in Micali et al. [10]. In our modification, there are two new players; a document issuer (DI) and a document collector (DC). The DI is responsible of dividing the document into l smaller subdocuments such that D=d1d2†¦dl and the DC is responsible of collecting the partial signature and issue the multisignature. A. PKG Keys The PKG picks two random large primes, p and q by run probabilistic polynomial algorithm Krsa, then calculates n=p.q, after that chooses a random public key e such that gcde,∅n=1 and computes the private key d=e-1 mod∅n. B. Extract Signer key generation Through this algorithm, a signer collects his private key by dealing with PKG in two steps: 1. A signer submits his identity to ij the PKG. 2. The PKG, with its private key d and the corresponding public key e, signs the message digest of the identity, denoted as ij, by generating a secret key gj, such tha gj=ijdmod n. C. Message signing To generate an identity-based multisignature with distinguishing signing authorities, each signer carries out the followings steps: 1. Chooses a random integer rj and computes tj=rjemod n 2. Broadcasts tj, htj, djto all the signers and DC. 3. Upon receiving of tj, j=1,2,†¦,l, each signer computes t=j=1ltjhtj, dj mod n H=h(t,D) And generats hisher partial signature sj=gj. rjH.h(tj,dj) mod n 4. Broadcasts sj to all the signers and DC. 5. DC verifies all partial signatures by holding the following : sje=ij . tjH.h(tj,dj) (2) 5. After that for all sj, j=1,2,†¦,l the multisignature component s can be computed as s=j=1lsj mod n The multisignature for a document D is ÏÆ'=t,s D. Multisignature verification To verify a multisignature ÏÆ'=t,s of a document D of signers whose identities are i1, i2, †¦, il one verifies the following: se=i1.i2†¦.il . tH mod n (3) If it holds, the identity-based multisignature is valid, otherwise it is invalid. E. Correctness s=j=1lsj= j=ilgj. rjH.h(tj,dj) mod n s=g1.g2†¦.gl .j=1lrjH.h(tj,dj) mod n se=g1e.g2e†¦ rjH.e.h(tj,dj) mod n se=g1e.g2e†¦[ j=1ltjhtj, dj ]Hmod n se=i1.i2†¦.in.tHmod n IV. Security Analysis Our proposed scheme is an efficient improvement on Herns multisignature (IBMS), which is suitable to meet the property of distinguishing signing authorities. Therefore, the proposed scheme construct based on Shamir identity based signature (IBS) scheme. Without lost generality, both scheme are proved secure based on RSA cryptosystem, refer to [5], [12]. Our proposed scheme inherits the security aspects from its root schemes; therefore, those aspects are still applicable and approvable to our scheme. Next, we will discuss some potential and essential attacks against our scheme. Attack 1. An existential forgery under adaptive chosen-message attack, which an adversary attempts to forge a multisignature or a partial signature for a chosen document or subdocument adaptively without knowing any private key. Essentially, the standard Shamir IBS scheme is secure against forgery under adaptive chosen-message attack, according to Berllare et al. [1]. Thus, it is easy to get the proposed scheme secure against this type of attack, due to both schemes having the same identical forms and assuming one-wayness of the underlying RSA crypotsystem. Attack 2. The adaptive chosen-ID attack, which an adversary (adversaries) tries to adaptively choose identity (identities) and forge private key from the PKG, therefore, it can forge a multisignature or partial signature. Harn et al. [5] introduced the concept of the adaptive chosen-ID attack and proved that their IBMS scheme is secure against this attack. Our scheme resembles Harns scheme, this result in our scheme also secure against adaptive chosen-ID attack. V. Conclusion We have proposed an efficient ID-based RSA multisignatures with distinguished signing authorities for broadcasting architecture based on Shamirs IBS scheme and Hern et al. IBMS scheme. The proposed scheme is secure against forgeability under adaptive chosen-message attack and adaptive chosen-identity attack.

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A Roller Coaster Ride through Sins in The Scarlet Letter :: Scarlet Letter essays

A Roller Coaster Ride through Sins in The Scarlet Letter Through Hawthorn's discrimination toward Puritans,he makes a plot with a series of events that leads you through sins and torments of the three main characters. The setting is the colonial time period, in the Puritan town of Boston, Massachusetts. The story starts with a group of puritans standing outside a prison door. Hester Prynne leaves the prison to go to the scaffold to stand with her newly born daughter Pearl. Hester is standing on the scaffold for punishment of adultery, which there is also a scarlet "A" on her breast symbolizing the sin and crime. She is known to have sinned because she came to the new world without her husband and gave birth to Pearl. While standing on the scaffold, she notices a gentleman standing next to an Indian. This gentleman is who we know as Roger Chillingworth. Roger Chillingworth is the husband of Hester. With Hester still on the scaffold, he acts why she is standing there with the child. He is told that she has committed adultery . Hester returns to prison and Roger Chillingworth visits her. He gives Pearl a drink to make her stop crying and talks to Hester about her sin. She tells him she won't tell him who she slept with and he asks her not to tell anyone that he is her husband. Hester agrees to this. Hester is released from prison. She makes a living by her amazing sewing abilities. As Peal gets a little older, Hester tries to discipline her. However, Pearl seems to love to be rebellious. This brings Hester and Pearl to governor Bellingham's. Hester is there to deliver some gloves she made, but is truly there because she has heard that they might take Pearl away from her. She dresses Pearl up and talks to Bellingham, who is in company of Dimmesdale, Wilson,and Chillingsworth. These men are in a meeting to determine weather or not Pearl will stay with her. The four men see Pearl first and ask her were she comes from.

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Vampire Academy Chapter 16

SIXTEEN THE NEXT DAY, IT FULLY hit me how much things had changed since the Jesse-and-Ralf rumors first started. For some people, I remained a nonstop source of whispers and laughter. From Lissa's converts, I received friendliness and occasional defense. Overall, I realized, our classmates actually gave me very little of their attention anymore. This became especially true when something new distracted everyone. Lissa and Aaron. Apparently, Mia had found about the party and had blown up when she learned that Aaron had been there without her. She'd bitched at him and told him that if he wanted to be with her, he couldn't run around and hang out with Lissa. So Aaron had decided he didn't want to be with her. He'd broken up with her that morning†¦and moved on. Now he and Lissa were all over each other. They stood around in the hall and at lunch, arms wrapped around one another, laughing and talking. Lissa's bond feelings showed only mild interest, despite her gazing at him as though he was the most fascinating thing on the planet. Most of this was for show, unbeknownst to him. He looked as though he could have built a shrine at her feet at any moment. And me? I felt ill. My feelings were nothing, however, compared to Mia's. At lunch, she sat on the far side of the room from us, eyes fixed pointedly ahead, ignoring the consolations of the friends near her. She had blotchy pink patches on her pale, round cheeks, and her eyes were red-rimmed. She said nothing mean when I walked past. No smug jokes. No mocking glares. Lissa had destroyed her, just as Mia had vowed to do us. The only person more miserable than Mia was Christian. Unlike her, he had no qualms about studying the happy couple while wearing an open look of hatred on his face. As usual, no one except me even noticed. After watching Lissa and Aaron make out for the tenth time, I left lunch early and went to see Ms. Carmack, the teacher who taught elemental basics. I'd been wanting to ask her something for a while. â€Å"Rose, right?† She seemed surprised to see me but not angry or annoyed like half the other teachers did lately. â€Å"Yeah. I have a question about, um, magic.† She raised an eyebrow. Novices didn't take magic classes. â€Å"Sure. What do you want to know?† â€Å"I was listening to the priest talk about St. Vladimir the other day†¦Do you know what element he specialized in? Vladimir, I mean. Not the priest.† She frowned. â€Å"Odd. As famous as he is around here, I'm surprised it never comes up. I'm no expert, but in all the stories I've heard, he never did anything that I'd say connects to any one of the elements. Either that or no one ever recorded it.† â€Å"What about his healings?† I pushed further. â€Å"Is there an element that lets you perform those?† â€Å"No, not that I know of.† Her lips quirked into a small smile. â€Å"People of faith would say he healed through the power of God, not any sort of elemental magic. After all, one thing the stories are certain about is that he was ? ®full of spirit.' â€Å" â€Å"Is it possible he didn't specialize?† Her smile faded. â€Å"Rose, is this really about St. Vladimir? Or is it about Lissa?† â€Å"Not exactly†¦Ã¢â‚¬  I stammered. â€Å"I know it's hard on her – especially in front of all her classmates – but she has to be patient,† she explained gently. â€Å"It will happen. It always happens.† â€Å"But sometimes it doesn't.† â€Å"Rarely. But I don't think she'll be one of those. She's got a higher-than-average aptitude in all four, even if she hasn't hit specialized levels. One of them will shoot up any day now.† That gave me an idea. â€Å"Is it possible to specialize in more than one element?† She laughed and shook her head. â€Å"No. Too much power. No one could handle all that magic, not without losing her mind.† Oh. Great. â€Å"Okay. Thanks.† I started to leave, then thought of something else. â€Å"Hey, do you remember Ms. Karp? What did she specialize in?† Ms. Carmack got that uncomfortable look other teachers did whenever anyone mentioned Ms. Karp. â€Å"Actually – â€Å" â€Å"What?† â€Å"I almost forgot. I think she really was one of the rare ones who never specialized. She just always kept a very low control over all four.† I spent the rest of my afternoon classes thinking about Ms. Carmack's words, trying to work them into my unified Lissa-Karp-Vladimir theory. I also watched Lissa. So many people wanted to talk to her now that she barely noticed my silence. Every so often, though, I'd see her glance at me and smile, a tired look in her eyes. Laughing and gossiping all day with people she only sort of liked was taking its toll on her. â€Å"The mission's accomplished,† I told her after school. â€Å"We can stop Project Brainwash.† We sat on benches in the courtyard, and she swung her legs back and forth. â€Å"What do you mean?† â€Å"You've done it. You stopped people from making my life horrible. You destroyed Mia. You stole Aaron. Play with him for another couple weeks, then drop him and the other royals. You'll be happier.† â€Å"You don't think I'm happy now?† â€Å"I know you aren't. Some of the parties are fun, but you hate pretending to be friends with people you don't like – and you don't like most of them. I know how much Xander pissed you off the other night.† â€Å"He's a jerk, but I can deal with that. If I stop hanging out with them, everything'll go back to the way it was. Mia will just start up again. This way, she can't bother us.† â€Å"It's not worth it if everything else is bothering you.† â€Å"Nothing's bothering me.† She sounded a little defensive. â€Å"Yeah?† I asked meanly. â€Å"Because you're so in love with Aaron? Because you can't wait to have sex with him again?† She glared at me. â€Å"Have I mentioned you can be a huge bitch sometimes?† I ignored that. â€Å"I'm just saying you've got enough shit to worry about without all this. You're burning yourself out with all the compulsion you're using.† â€Å"Rose!† She glanced anxiously around. â€Å"Be quiet!† â€Å"But it's true. Using it all the time is going to screw with your head. For real.† â€Å"Don't you think you're getting carried away?† â€Å"What about Ms. Karp?† Lissa's expression went very still. â€Å"What about her?† â€Å"You. You're just like her.† â€Å"No, I'm not!† Outrage flashed in those green eyes. â€Å"She healed too.† Hearing me talk about this shocked her. This topic had weighed us down for so long, but we'd almost never spoken about it. â€Å"That doesn't mean anything.† â€Å"You don't think it does? Do you know anyone else who can do that? Or can use compulsion on dhampirs and Moroi?† â€Å"She never used compulsion like that,† she argued. â€Å"She did. She tried to use it on me the night she left. It started to work, but then they took her away before she finished.† Or had they? After all, it was only a month later that Lissa and I had run away from the Academy. I'd always thought that was my own idea, but maybe Ms. Karp's suggestion had been the true force behind it. Lissa crossed her arms. Her face looked defiant, but her emotions felt uneasy. â€Å"Fine. So what? So she's a freak like me. That doesn't mean anything. She went crazy because†¦well, that was just the way she was. That's got nothing to do with anything else.† â€Å"But it's not just her,† I said slowly. â€Å"There's someone else like you guys, too. Someone I found.† I hesitated. â€Å"You know St. Vladimir†¦Ã¢â‚¬  And that's when I finally let it all out. I told her everything. I told her about how she, Ms. Karp, and St. Vladimir could all heal and use super-compulsion. Although it made her squirm, I told her how they too grew easily upset and had tried to hurt themselves. â€Å"He tried to kill himself,† I said, not meeting her eyes. â€Å"And I used to notice marks on Ms. Karp's skin – like she'd claw at her own face. She tried to hide it with her hair, but I could see the old scratches and tell when she made new ones.† â€Å"It doesn't mean anything,† insisted Lissa. â€Å"It – it's all a coincidence.† She sounded like she wanted to believe that, and inside, some part of her really did. But there was another part of her, a desperate part of her that had wanted for so long to know that she wasn't a freak, that she wasn't alone. Even if the news was bad, at least now she knew there were others like her. â€Å"Is it a coincidence that neither of them seems to have specialized?† I recounted my conversation with Ms. Carmack and explained my theory about specializing in all four elements. I also repeated Ms. Carmack's comment about how that would burn someone out. Lissa rubbed her eyes when I finished, smudging a little of her makeup. She gave me a weak smile. â€Å"I don't know what's crazier: what you're actually telling me or the fact that you actually read something to find all this out.† I grinned, relieved that she'd actually mustered a joke. â€Å"Hey, I know how to read too.† â€Å"I know you do. I also know it took you a year to read The Da Vinci Code.† She laughed. â€Å"That wasn't my fault! And don't try to change the subject.† â€Å"I'm not.† She smiled, then sighed. â€Å"I just don't know what to think about all this.† â€Å"There's nothing to think about. Just don't do stuff that'll upset you. Remember coasting through the middle? Go back to that. It's a lot easier on you.† She shook her head. â€Å"I can't do that. Not yet.† â€Å"Why not? I already told you – † I stopped, wondering why I hadn't caught on before. â€Å"It's not just Mia. You're doing all this because you feel like you're supposed to. You're still trying to be Andre.† â€Å"My parents would have wanted me to – â€Å" â€Å"Your parents would have wanted you to be happy.† â€Å"It's not that easy, Rose. I can't ignore these people forever. I'm royal too.† â€Å"Most of them suck.† â€Å"And a lot of them are going to help rule the Moroi. Andre knew that. He wasn't like the others, but he did what he had to do because he knew how important they were.† I leaned back against the bench. â€Å"Well, maybe that's the problem. We're deciding who's ? ®important' based on family alone, so we end up with these screwed-up people making decisions. That's why Moroi numbers are dropping and bitches like Tatiana are queen. Maybe there needs to be a new royal system.† â€Å"Come on, Rose. This is the way it is; that's the way it's been for centuries. We have to live with that.† I glared. â€Å"Okay, how about this?† she continued. â€Å"You're worried about me becoming like them – like Ms. Karp and St. Vladimir – right? Well, she said I shouldn't use the powers, that it would make things get worse if I did. What if I just stop? Compulsion, healing, everything.† I narrowed my eyes. â€Å"You could do that?† The convenient compulsion aside, that was what I'd wanted her to do the whole time. Her depression had started at the same time the powers emerged, just after the accident. I had to believe they were connected, particularly in light of the evidence and Ms. Karp's warnings. â€Å"Yes.† Her face was perfectly composed, her expression serious and steady. With her pale hair woven into a neat French braid and a suede blazer over her dress, she looked like she could have taken her family's place on the council right now. â€Å"You'd have to give up everything,† I warned. â€Å"No healing, no matter how cute and cuddly the animal. And no more compulsion to dazzle the royals.† She nodded seriously. â€Å"I can do it. Will that make you feel better?† â€Å"Yeah, but I'd feel even better if you stopped magic and went back to hanging out with Natalie.† â€Å"I know, I know. But I can't stop, not now at least.† I couldn't get her to budge on that – yet – but knowing that she would avoid using her powers relieved me. â€Å"All right,† I said, picking up my backpack. I was late for practice. Again. â€Å"You can keep playing with the brat pack, so long as you keep the ? ®other stuff' in check.† I hesitated. â€Å"And you know, you really have made your point with Aaron and Mia. You don't have to keep him around to keep hanging out with the royals.† â€Å"Why do I keep getting the feeling you don't like him anymore?† â€Å"I like him okay – which is about as much as you like him. And I don't think you should get hot and sweaty with people you only like ? ®okay' â€Å" Lissa widened her eyes in pretend astonishment. â€Å"Is this Rose Hathaway talking? Have you reformed? Or do you have someone you like ? ®more than okay'?† â€Å"Hey,† I said uncomfortably, â€Å"I'm just looking out for you. That, and I never noticed how boring Aaron is before.† She scoffed. â€Å"You think everyone's boring.† â€Å"Christian isn't.† It slipped out before I could stop it. She quit smiling. â€Å"He's a jerk. He just stopped talking to me for no reason one day.† She crossed her arms. â€Å"And don't you hate him anyway?† â€Å"I can still hate him and think he's interesting.† But I was also starting to think that I might have made a big mistake about Christian. He was creepy and dark and liked to set people on fire, true. On the other hand, he was smart and funny – in a twisted way – and somehow had a calming effect on Lissa. But I'd messed it all up. I'd let my anger and jealousy get the best of me and ended up separating them. If I'd let him go to her in the garden that night, maybe she wouldn't have gotten upset and cut herself. Maybe they'd be together now, away from all the school politics. Fate must have been thinking the same thing, because five minutes after I left Lissa, I passed Christian walking across the quad. Our eyes locked for a moment before we passed each other. I nearly kept walking. Nearly. Taking a deep breath, I came to a stop. â€Å"Wait†¦Christian.† I called out to him. Damn, I was so late for training. Dimitri was going to kill me. Christian spun around to face me, hands stuffed in the pockets of his long black coat, his posture slumped and uncaring. â€Å"Yeah?† â€Å"Thanks for the books.† He didn't say anything. â€Å"The ones you gave to Mason.† â€Å"Oh, I thought you meant the other books.† Smartass. â€Å"Aren't you going to ask what they were for?† â€Å"Your business. Just figured you were bored being suspended.† â€Å"I'd have to be pretty bored for that.† He didn't laugh at my joke. â€Å"What do you want, Rose? I've got places to be.† I knew he was lying, but my sarcasm no longer seemed as funny as usual. â€Å"I want you to, uh, hang out with Lissa again.† â€Å"Are you serious?† He studied me closely, suspicion all over him. â€Å"After what you said to me?† â€Å"Yeah, well†¦Didn't Mason tell you?†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Christian's lips turned up into a sneer. â€Å"He told me something.† â€Å"And?† â€Å"And I don't want to hear it from Mason.† His sneer cranked up when I glared. â€Å"You sent him to apologize for you. Step up and do it yourself.† â€Å"You're a jerk,† I informed him. â€Å"Yeah. And you're a liar. I want to see you eat your pride.† â€Å"I've been eating my pride for two weeks,† I growled. Shrugging, he turned around and started to walk away. â€Å"Wait!† I called, putting my hand on his shoulder. He stopped and looked back at me. â€Å"All right, all right. I lied about how she felt. She never said any of that stuff about you, okay? She likes you. I made it up because I don't like you.† â€Å"And yet you want me to talk to her.† When the next words left my lips, I could barely believe it. â€Å"I think†¦you might be†¦good for her.† We stared at each other for several heavy moments. His smirk dried up a little. Not much surprised him. This did. â€Å"I'm sorry. I didn't hear you. Can you repeat that?† he finally asked. I almost punched him in the face. â€Å"Will you stop it already? I want you to hang out with her again.† â€Å"No.† â€Å"Look, I told you, I lied – â€Å" â€Å"It's not that. It's her. You think I can talk to her now? She's Princess Lissa again.† Venom dripped off his words. â€Å"I can't go near her, not when she's surrounded by all those royals.† â€Å"You're royal too,† I said, more to myself than him. I kept forgetting the Ozeras were one of the twelve families. â€Å"Doesn't mean much in a family full of Strigoi, huh?† â€Å"But you're not – wait. That's why she connects to you,† I realized with a start. â€Å"Because I'm going to become a Strigoi?† he asked snidely. â€Å"No†¦because you lost your parents too. Both of you saw them die.† â€Å"She saw hers die. I saw mine murdered.† I flinched. â€Å"I know. I'm sorry, it must have been†¦well, I don't have any idea what it was like.† Those crystal-blue eyes went unfocused. â€Å"It was like seeing an army of Death invade my house.† â€Å"You mean†¦your parents?† He shook his head. â€Å"The guardians who came to kill them. I mean, my parents were scary, yeah, but they still looked like my parents – a little paler, I guess. Some red in their eyes. But they walked and talked the same way. I didn't know anything was wrong with them, but my aunt did. She was watching me when they came for me.† â€Å"Were they going to convert you?† I'd forgotten my original mission here, too caught up in the story. â€Å"You were really little.† â€Å"I think they were going to keep me until I was older, then turn me. Aunt Tasha wouldn't let them take me. They tried to reason with her, convert her too, but when she wouldn't listen, they tried to take her by force. She fought them – got really messed up – and then the guardians showed up.† His eyes drifted back to me. He smiled, but there was no happiness in it. â€Å"Like I said, an army of Death. I think you're crazy, Rose, but if you turn out like the rest of them, you're going to be able to do some serious damage one day. Even I won't mess with you.† I felt horrible. He'd had a miserable life, and I'd taken away one of the few good things in it. â€Å"Christian, I'm sorry for screwing things up between you and Lissa. It was stupid. She wanted to be with you. I think she still does now. If you could just – â€Å" â€Å"I told you, I can't.† â€Å"I'm worried about her. She's into all this royal stuff because she thinks it's going to get back at Mia – she's doing it for me.† â€Å"And you aren't grateful?† The sarcasm returned. â€Å"I'm worried. She can't handle playing all these catty political games. It isn't good for her, but she won't listen to me. I could†¦I could use help.† â€Å"She could use help. Hey, don't look so surprised – I know there's something funny going on with her. And I'm not even talking about the wrist thing.† I jumped. â€Å"Did she tell you?†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Why not? She'd told him everything else. â€Å"She didn't need to,† he said. â€Å"I've got eyes.† I must have looked pathetic, because he sighed and ran a hand through his hair. â€Å"Look, if I catch Lissa alone†¦I'll try to talk to her. But honestly†¦if you really want to help her†¦well, I know I'm supposed to be all anti-establishment, but you might get the best help talking to somebody else. Kirova. Your guardian guy. I don't know. Someone who knows something. Someone you trust.† â€Å"Lissa wouldn't like that.† I considered. â€Å"Neither would I.† â€Å"Yeah, well, we all have to do things we don't like. That's life.† My snarky switch flipped on. â€Å"What are you, an after-school special?† A ghostly smile flickered across his face. â€Å"If you weren't so psychotic, you'd be fun to hang around.† â€Å"Funny, I feel that way about you too.† He didn't say anything else, but the smile grew, and he walked away.